Who AM I?

I am a teacher, a speaker, a leader.


I am here to help you improve your wellness.

I am a  firm believer and advocate for health in people and buildings.













I had a 26 year career as a real estate lawyer working in the City.  In the last twelve years of that  legal career I was a partner and transacted over £1billion worth of deals - advising on all areas of property - including investment, development, residential and hotels too. I worked with banks, governments and billionaires - with shopkeepers, small businesses and homeowners. I learnt a great deal  about buildings and also about people and corporate life too.


At the same time I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years. Initially I discovered yoga through a back injury. I qualified as a yoga teacher 5 years ago and then as a meditation and sleep meditation teacher. I began teaching in offices and have taught at the best London studios and all over the world. I’ve worked with the likes of Google, Global law firms and Accountancy practices, Tech companies, Charities and Schools. I love to teach people - see my whole yoga story and journey on my yoga website - www.stephenmarksyoga.com


About 4 years ago I began to notice the emergence of the healthy building movement and the first  health-centric metrics for real estate. It was a lightbulb moment for me. Wellness and Property had never properly co- existed before.


About eighteen months ago I stepped away from a full-time legal career to focus on healthy buildings and corporate and hospitality based wellness projects with the formation of my  company Mind Body Building


Over the last  few years I have written on Sleep, Wellness and technology and Healthy Buildings in the Property, Hospitality and Wellness press. I regularly speak on these topics at conferences around the world and particularly in the Middle East with industry leaders. In 2017 I spoke at the Global Wellness Summit on the Wellness Architecture roundtable. I am a thought leader for the Global Wellness Institute and have provided research papers for the Global Wellness Architecture group and Delos the company behind the WELL building standard.


I am a WELL AP too which means I am qualified to advise on the WELL building standard as it applies to live projects. I was recently invited to the WELL faculty team - a select team of healthy building advisors speaking globally about wellness Architecture.


In conjunction with architects and engineering practises and HR teams I advise companies on how to apply wellness to their buildings and to their staff and customers occupying these buildings.


So what can I do for you or your company?

Tell me... I am here to help you enhance your wellness...

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Stephen Marks - Mind Body Building,

33 Elgin Mansions, London W9 1JQ UK



07880 738 647


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